Flying Questions

April 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Do you know what it’s like to question everything?
Is this my coming out
Am I a girl or a guy, maybe something inbetween
Can you be fluid and switch back and forth between them
Is there such a thing?

A hurricane of confusing circling my mind
Swirling around and around the thoughts
Who the hell am I
Am I the girl I was born
Or the personality of a switch
With sometimes the feelings of a girl
And the need to be more masculine
Can they just stop and let me look in the mirror for a minute
Without setting off the thoughts of a million bombs
I don’t know the answers too
Maybe I’m neither, am I something in between
A non binary to question all the possibilities
Just more things to add to a heap of things
That I don’t even know already

Is it more than I bargained for
Across this scar laden body
Leaves an answer only one can tell
You, the confused person
Can you just use non gender pronouns
Or is that too much to ask
Is it too much to ask for love
Within these thoughts of self hate
And the questions that go
Through this black hole
Of a lost mind

Is this my coming out
Or just a questioning stage
Of I don’t know.

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