The River Styx

May 4, 2017
By amaaddi BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
amaaddi BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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We are all slaves, working for the shadow king                                    
Toiling along the river Styx
Bound by chains of darkest mist
We are less than dust, worse than dirt
Forever broken, forever cursed
We souls are beyond the point of hope
Forever waiting for what will never show
A ticket to take us out of here
A boat to one day appear
For we have but one dream left
To escape this place of horrid death
One hope still survives

A tale of a Captain and his ship
Who used to save souls from this abyss
His ship of fire, a glorious sight!
It sailed upon the sea of night
Carrying souls towards the light
Far from this place of pure dystopia

But one day, the ship didn't show
No fiery sail, no golden glow
The Captain had promised he would return
Yet there was no sign of the ship that burned
The ship never showed
To save us from sorrow and woe

Ever since, the souls stand there waiting
Along the banks of the river, praying
Everyone, softly saying
The Captain would return

I heard this tale, looked across the sea
The river of pain and hopeless dreams
A water filled with forgotten memories

I hear the whispers of people praying
For the Captain to return
But I assume He is forever lost
And I wait centuries for Him to cross
The river that washes away our dreams
This river of uncertainty

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