May 3, 2017
By Anonymous

You never told me that I was beautiful

You told me I love you but that was a lie

I never understood why you weren't there

But I held on to our relationship

I held your phone one day it went off

Their was a nude 

I didn't say anything till the day I seen you making out with another girl

You seen me

you laughed so hard

everyone laughed at me for turning so pale

I never ever seen you again till I found out 

You were in the hospital

You were in an accident with that girl

I didn't bother to call 

Until I seen the same girl with another man

You finally called me

But I didn't answer

You texted me "I NEED YOU"

I went and visited you

She was there holding your hand

I was so upset 

I punched her 

I told you why I punched her

I told you what I saw

You told her to leave 

She started laughing and left

She never came back

I always went and visited you

Every day of the week

You finally said I was beautiful 

I said thanks you tryed to kiss me

I rejected you

I told you

I was done with you

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