Noiseless Scream

May 3, 2017
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Down their I drown,

No one knows I’m gone,

They laugh, smile, and love,

Everyone just shoves me off.


Water, please just make me blind

Don’t make me see what’s left behind,

My life which I thought wasn’t bad,

Turns out that I never had.


There, I see a girl standing next to my loved ones.

She turns around and I grasp my lungs.

That girl looks just like me,

But nobody sees what I see.


No, that isn’t me! I’m down here!

I shout out loud but my words scatter into the air.

The moment I give up and watch people leave by the aisle,

She looks straight at me with a triumphant smile.



Someone look at me

Please don’t leave me hear alone

Mom, Dad over here



I scream, shout, and cry,

I constantly ask why.

But no one seems to hear,

It’s a noiseless scream.

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