Please and Thank You

May 2, 2017

Please don't point out
The way I mumble my words
Maybe I don't have the
Confidence to trust my own voice

Please don't point out
The way I cover up
The small layers of fat I see
Shames me enough already

Please don't point out 
Every mistake I make
They weigh on my mind every day
So I don't need you to reiterate

Please don't point out
the way I talk too fast. Or that I talk too much
I just don't want to lose your attention
For I am uninteresting to people as vivid as you

Please don't point out
How much I apologize
It annoys me too
I annoy me too

Please don't point out
My flaws every chance you get
All those thoughts
Do nothing but leave scars

Do nothing but add another hour of thinking to my sleepless nights
Do nothing but give me another reason to hate



Thank You

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