May 2, 2017
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i dreamt about you last night 

it wasn't my normal rosy dream

which left me nauseous when i wake up

because i remember you don't love me anymore


it was a yellow dream

a bright




it sent volts into my bones and awakened my soul


it inspired me to write so write i will


i'm not going to say thank you for leaving

that my grades improved 

my friendships grew stronger

or i had more time to focus on me 


because i miss you

and i was happier when i was sleep deprived 

from staying up all night texting you


you were my best friend

my muse

my inspiration

and my creative spark


you awakened the poet in me


my first love 


i still hope you will come back

that you'll realize you miss me too 


muscles tear before they grow stronger 

i hope that in loving and losing you

i can become a better me

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