Starlit Skies

April 21, 2017

Solemnly I watch the night sky
Looking for the stars that twinkle there.
Each the blazing light of a soul,
Lost, forgotten, forlorn…

I watch them all disappear,
Not in flashes of light but,
In gasps of suffering.

I pray for those stars,
I cry for for those stars,
I remember those stars.

Their glimmering light fades,
The darkness remains.
I lay at night, mourning.
The lost twinkles.

At times I hold those stars in my palms
Breathing my own life into their flames,
Pushing them to carry on.
Looking for those better days.

Finally, when my breath is exhausted
And their needs, no more.
I let them home, to the night.
Let them shine!
Their light falls on others;
Giving Hope, Peace, and Happiness.
The lights I see are not for me, they never will be.

I solemnly watch the night sky.
I see those beautiful stars shining.
I can’t let them die forgotten!
I can’t leave their memory lost!
I solemnly watch the night sky,
To keep dreams alive.

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