The Most Beautiful Thing

April 21, 2017

She was walking down the aisle.
My thoughts halted just to admire
The most beautiful person I had ever seen.
This day seemed like a vague dream.
Like some fiction movie that I had seen.
But this overwhelming feeling was a reality.
In this instant everything else did not matter.
For she and her beauty had caused my heart to shatter.
For nothing and no one compared to this moment.
My heart began to weep. My soul began to cry.
For I was unworthy to receive this bride.
But sometimes beauty embodies sacrifice.
It embodies letting go of things we hold on too tight.

This was the most beautiful thing that had happened to me and will ever happen to me in my life.
And it’s not because of her dress or her eyes,
But because of the uniting hearts that are inside.

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