The Hero Jason

April 21, 2017

Jason is born a heir,
Raised in a centaur’s lair.

He has nothing to fear, no,
For he is trained to be a hero.

Jason soon grows up,
He is ready to be more than just the runner-up.

He travels to his uncle seeking royalty,
But first he must first prove his loyalty.

The young hero calls upon his friends,
They set out to find the Golden Fleece, by which King AEetes defends.

The Argonauts are easily distracted,
To dangerous women they are attracted.

But their journey was far from over,
For they come across Harpies, crushing rocks, and have dangerous seas to crossover.

The island of Colchis they reach at last,
King AEetes gives Jason three tasks that must be passed.

Hera decides to help him,
Causing the king’s daughter Medea to fall in love on a whim.

First Jason must plow a field with fire-breathing oxen,
Medea gives him a protective antitoxin.

Next he battles warriors of stone,
To defeat them he uses a rock alone.

The last task is to retrieve the golden fleece,
Guarded by a fierce dragon who’s never at peace.

A sleeping potion is all he needs,
He retrieves the golden fleece, proud of his great deeds.

On their way back they meet monsters of the sea,
Sirens surround them, but Orpheus helps them break free.

The giant Talos is a breeze,
Soon he returns home, a master of the seas.

Jason is king of Iolcus at long last,
But his disloyalty is his downcast.

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