Her Eyes

April 18, 2017
By Spiffyman30 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Spiffyman30 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It's better to know a little about a lot than a lot about a little.

My dad has brown eyes—like dry dust churned up from the ground. Dull but strong, they carefully watch over our family. My eyes are dark brown marbles, as quiet as the night, soaking in the secrets they see. My cat has eyes like the sun, yellow and streaked with black.
And my girlfriend, my girlfriend, has eyes that make my heart skip a beat. Her eyes are bright blue oceans, washing over me with every glance. Her eyes—a chromatic canvas exploding with color when she smiles. Her eyes—a pastel skyline on a clear and sunny day. Her eyes—a galaxy of blue, swirling around and sparkling like stars. Her eyes, her eyes. They are works of art created with just one color—blue.

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