April 18, 2017

I go to school, do my normal day activities, and enjoy the events that are offered my way. I make sure that I remember to do my homework, to remind friends about our plans, and stay organized so I do not lose anything. I make sure that things go as they should.

After school, I go to volleyball practice. I go to practice five days a week for two hours straight. I complete my homework, and I walk my dog; I go out with friends, and I get nine hours of sleep. I have energy to do this all seven days of the week.

On the weekends, I stay up past midnight to watch over the house as if someone or something may come to destroy my home. I am responsible for the damage that may be caused to my family, my home, or myself if something were to happen. I am a day and night walker as if I am a tiger watching over my own cubs.

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