All I've Become

April 12, 2017
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Everything I’ve become,
Who I am,
So much taught
By just one man


Stand tall,
Be strong,
Don’t quit,
Never do wrong,


Look inside you,
Find the switch,
Turn it on
Don’t give an inch,


His words
Mean so much,
Make me push harder
Always playing clutch


You see,
This man I talk about
This story I’m telling,
He comes from another generation


62 years old
Still works every day
62 freaking years,
And not enough words to say


He fell ill
Not too long ago
Cancer fill his body
Now has little time to go


The pain I felt

When I heard the news
Gave me nothing but
The darkest blues


But he taught me well

Hard work and dedication
Push yourself harder
But don't forget your education


He runs the family business
Put all of his time and money in it
As much as he loves the job
He’ll never let me stay with it


He believes in my future
He believes in my success
He believes in my dreams
He believes in my best


I can’t thank him enough
For being my role model
For being my hero
For being my grandfather


I look like him
I walk like him
I talk like him
I pray I will be like him.


And to him I say,
Thank you for everything


You showed me so much,
Work is more than swinging a hammer
Life is more than just living
Make the bad times good
And the good times great


I know I never say it,
From man to man
But I love you
And that's how you made me who I am

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