The thought of you

April 12, 2017
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I remember the day i met you
I didn't know what to say
And every time we spoke
It felt You took my breath away

Time passed everyday
And you were almost in it all the way
And when i would be in pain
You'd say it'll be ok

Your sweet soft smile
And your gazing brown eyes
Would want me to fly
up high in the sky

Were all my fears
And darkest moments
Leave me as u take them
And lies no more tears
In my little red eyes
Were I see you as my monument .

Your my cure
Yet your my pain
I love you
And that's more insane

All the crazy awesome stories
With all the songs that we shared
My life is complete with nothing more
And all those moments live in metaphor

Living in that happy moment
Keeping it nice and smart
All of these I shell keep
Safely in put away in my heart

I never met you
And all I know
Depends on what you say.
I know ur good and not my foe
But that's the problem
And I don't know . 

My friends don't like you
But I do , no I love you
I keep saying that's not true
But no matter what I do
I prove my self wrong for you.

Your nothing to me at all
Yet your my everything
With out you I'm nothing
My life was in pieces
You collide it back together
And made it mean something

I love you
And you don't know
That's the hardest past
I'm living and feeling it
All on my own.

Every time that you'd leave
I think ur never texting back
That's the reason that I need 
For me to move on
And let go

I wish i didn't care
or forget what we said like
how we'd look like when we get old
or the fact that one day
we'd meet along

for some reason
Every time  tables turn 
As it seems that ur always around
U text back and never forget
How can I think otherwise
When u can never learn

I need you so much
Yet all you do is bring me pain and misery
I hate you for that
But how can I ?
If all you do to me is bring me joy and happyness

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