love from and to her

April 11, 2017

She once fell in love and hasn't gotten up again. She wishes so bandy she could love and hopes for another but the door to her heart has remained closed. She wipes away pools of tears and every sunny day she is reminded how their love did not stay. If her heart could just grow wings and go to peace maybe she will know what their love goes and now means chains of depression are wrapped up so tight. I beg you please to see the light. I promise you will love again. I will be there to hold your hand and you surly will be happy my best friend. I will help you every step of the to save your soul and fill your heart with love until the day you find the one. she awaits the day for him to come up and say " you are my one and only , i don't want to be lonely. i will be by your side so please stand by mine. " she's amazingly beautiful and soooo truthful. i am always by your side until the day i die. your love from him and my love to you.

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the.ultimate.weirdo said...
Apr. 22 at 1:15 am
please comment so i can work on my poems anything could help
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