DisPLEAsiNg aesthetics

April 11, 2017
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the way she pulls back her hair but accidentally leaves some trailing down her neck
the way the reds blend with the blues
the way he tilts his head back when he laughs
the way the paint leaves drops on the floor
the way she whispers in the phone
the way the dye sets in on the towel on the floor
the way he dances for her and makes her laugh
the way the sky paints colors just under the horizon
the way she sleeps on his shoulder with her breath tickling his neck
the way the moon winks at the stars that shine
the way her eyes flicker from his eyes back to the ground with a small smile
the way the wind whispers in our too-cold ears
the way his lips brush on mine
the way the rain hits the roof with unknown rhythm
the way she brushed her thumb across his finger
the way lowercase letters all look in a row
the way he holds her, and doesn’t let go
The wAy heR hAir feLl in Her face
the wAy the YelLOWs Mix wITH the ViolET
tHe waY it stUck tO heR TEaR stAined Cheeks
thE WaY shE dOESn’T PaINt anyMORE
THE Way sHe WhISPerS to HersElf
tHE WaY This NeW Dye SEts In ON ThE TOWel oN the FLOOr
The way shE DAnces On puppet STRingS
tHE WAY THE SkY Seems BlACk anD WhiTE
ThE WAy shE SLEeps AlOne iN HeR ROoM
tHe wAy the CLoUDS Hide THe StarS fROm thE WinkIng MOON
ThE way HEr eyEs FlickER FRom HiS SMilE To The GROunD
tHE Way THE LoneLY WIND hOWLs in OuR tOO cOLd eArs
thE waY My LiPS Are CHappED AlONE ANd Bare
tHE WAY THe snOW FallS But DoesN’T maKE A soUNd
THe WAy hEr tEArs feLL
THe Way a HurrICANE dEstroYs thE cOAST
THE WAY HER thumb dOesn’t touch his Finger
tHE waY thE LEtteRs AREn’t ALL lowercAse
And THis tiMe
leT Go

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