A Dystopian Utopia

April 10, 2017
By , Aurora, IL

A massive explosion
Spanning two thousand miles
Lights up the lands like they were hit by the sun.
Rivers and lakes are non-existent,
Instantly boiling away from a temperature
Of seven hundred million degrees Fahrenheit.
Brighter than the humans’ futures,
The beam melts away the vision of anyone who hasn’t perished.


Buildings and structures no longer inhabit the terrain
Two foot tall piles of rubble are all that remain.
Most creatures above ground have all been slain,
The rest taken to the underground with nothing to gain.


The once vibrant, cerulean ocean hanging over people's heads
Is now a blend of a soldier’s uniform and cement.
Humans lucky or unlucky enough to survive soon succumb
To radiation and mutations by future generations.
Those who are radioactive
Die off like spiders sprayed with bleach.
Mutations spawn in the form of
Disfigured limbs, additional appendages and damaged minds.


Disease soon develops as well,
Turning anthropomorphic beings into shells
Of their former selves, bringing upon an eternal hell
Until they’ve rotted so much, whether they were human or not is too hard to tell.


Anarchy lies as the cause of society’s demolition
With the sole cure to merely break everything down
And build it back up again like a lego project with one erroneous piece.

For once, the earth is quiet and untouched with only

The faint, natural noises of the constantly anguished
Searching for life and falling apart over soil.
Even through all the demise, the world was a beautiful place.
After all, the most significant recoveries require destruction for a fresh start.


The trees and plants eventually return
As they do a while after there’s nothing left to burn.
The dust of the dead has dispersed like the remains dumped from a family member’s  urn
The animals reappear, the earth being safe enough for them to discern.


And the greatest world has lost its seven billion cancerous cells,
The few left benign and incapable of causing any more harm.

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