Votre Petit Chou

April 17, 2017

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm sleeveless

Heart on the ground shattered to pieces

Peanut butter flow can't go I need Reese's

Your voice just eases

It's so easy I fell in love after 2 months

Don't leave me because that'll really suck

Don't believe me that'll suck more

You the only thing I need to survive

I know it's a crime


I'll steal you away

Fly to Paris and get equipped for the day

The .30 will look great against my temple

Worship you and your body the temple

I could never settle

Till I found you

I know forever doesn't exist but time can't run through

Like we the perfect two

This is stupid why am I trying you too good for me

I'm too stupid karma suit me I knew you might leave

Like I know I'm crazy people been thinking lately how'd I end up getting you ?

I'm too lucky

I'm too bummy

I'm too scummy for the likes of you

I'm too ugly

I'm a monkey

You're so funny

How'd I manage to get you ?

Now I'm wallowing in the shadows

End my life in the gallows of something or another

This my slump this where I belong.

Laying on the ground listening to depressing songs

It's stupid how easy this is.

I'll get famous off depressing poems people can relate to

I wouldn't be surprised if I got hate too.

Because Bastion debatable

I've never felt this way.

Throw me off the roof and sip some Chardonnay

Like this life is great

This life I hate.

You're the only reason I don't see gray.

I was lost and you helped me find my way

Now we sit and wait till the next chapter I decide to write

Write like pencil lead breaking similar to glass shards after you tip over a vase.

I wish I had passed 10th grade.

I'm a little late.

Still don't think I deserve minimum wage.

But thanks and have a nice day.

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