Recipe for a Full Heart

April 7, 2017


One month away from home
An ocean of strangers
Hours of hard work
Sprinkle of smiles
Blasting music
One bible
Dollop of dazzling dance moves
1 leader (preferably named Amy)
A pair of ready to listen ears
A flurry of fearlessness
Heaps of patience


To begin, you will need to spend a month away from home. (For best results you may want to try work crew at a Young Life Camp). Preheat your heart to a toasty 400 degrees because it's about to be warmed. Next, you will look over an ocean of strangers, nothing familiar for miles. Now is the time to add a flurry of fearlessness (trust me, you are going to need this). Time to introduce yourself, tell a joke, and bond over something, anything. Up next is hours of hard work. This is best done with blasting music, sprinkles of smiles, and heaps of patience. Don’t expect any recognition for your work, just be excited in how it's helping campers. A bible is necessary, every morning get up and go read. Read everything, write about it, ask questions until you are tired. A pair of read to listen ears will be needed when you get to hear the stories from the no longer strangers. Listen to the hurt they’ve experience, the joy they seek, and their endless dreams for the future. These strangers have become your family now, they love you dearly (best not to forget that). Lastly, you will need one leader, (preferably named amy) they will give you the strength you need to keep going, more love than you deserve, and corny jokes that make your belly ache. The oven is wonderfully ready at 400 degrees, your heart has never been so warmly. Prepare yourself for the tearshed that will occur as you have never felt so loved, so worthy, so wanted, and heart so full.

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