April 7, 2017
By ElanL BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
ElanL BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
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I imagine myself running through an open field with children playing,
The world at a standstill with all problems solved and forgotten,
People respecting one another,
Going about their day with smiles on their faces
Not worrying about anything.

In reality, this perfect world is not plausible.
In reality, problems flood our minds,
And worries fill our brains.
There is no escape from our world.

If there was only a way to escape from this terrible, dreadful, painful world we live in.
If only there was a way to forget our past and enter a utopian future
And run away from all our problems,
Run so far that we enter a world where everything is perfect and calm,
With no work, no fighting, no conflict, nothing bad.

If only there was a place where a person could go to find peace and relax.
This imaginary place will never be reached in our world.
The imaginary place can only be reached in our minds.

With the power of our imagination we can travel anywhere in the world,
See anything we want to see,
Experience anything we desire.
With your imagination you can escape reality and travel into this world of peace.
With your imagination you can leave your old self behind and be reborn.

Your imagination can be your best friend and your worst nightmare,
For when you return to reality,
There will be a harsh blow directed to you.
You will see the true hate and pain in our world.
This pain is inescapable.

Our imagination will never take us far enough from the truth for us to forget reality.
Our imagination will only guide us to nirvana and then throw us back into the world we live in.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by my english teacher Ms. Manzo. We had been doing a unit on dystopian societies in class and I was brought to the topic of all the bad in the world, so I decided to demonstrate my feelings on the evil and try to reveal it through a poem.

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