all good things

April 6, 2017
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all good things will come in time,
though only the best do we wait on.
colours will fade and leave mild traces of their former glory;
but we are never to forget that new colours will replace them soon enough.
the earth will turn; the sun will remain in orbit;
smooth and rough tides will circulate the seas.
time will tick and life will be lived.
no matter the price, happiness will still be bought,
even by those most in debt.
death will hastily marry the best of people;
no one is exempt from the empty fate of humanity.
every life ends with a brutally deserved applause;
congratulations, we put on a phenomenal show.
is this everything that you asked for?
you cannot provide an answer, for you know that there is none.
expectations are merely an illusion provided by insanity.
no one is safe from disappointment;
each one of us are vulnerable enough to fall for its cunning.
self-pity is an evil seductress;
restlessly it lingers on everyone’s lips.
this misbehaved mistress forces us to dread our fated futures.
we anxiously await the destiny put before us,
though few are courageous enough to question it.
no one wonders whether the waves should cease to crash,
or the leaves fail to fall,
or the sun stop its shine.
we are wise enough to understand that everything must fall apart;
nothing can stay.
but, as i have said, all good things will come in time.

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