left weeping

April 6, 2017

one step i take

and i take no more

with tears down my face

i say no more

i know you love her more than me

and i don't know why 

wishing that we could be a family

an that wish surely dies

in despair i watch

i watch my life go by

with no mother i grow up

not talking to her at all

and then one day she decides 

i want to see my other daughter

but of course i resist

i fight and i beg

but it's no use

i will never be loved by her

not anymore

i begged and cried

but all i got was hatred

i hope to dry my tears

and feel peace some day

but that day is not today

so i sit and cry and say my goodbyes

for i am not here to stay

i must leave

i must stay away.

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