Queen Pharaoh's Heart

April 6, 2017
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Two roads diverge before me,
One road filled with darkness and souls
outreached arms disguised as branches
Another light as the sun,
bouncing off of the red sea
I, as the ruler of my own mind and my own temple of a body
I stand looking at these two roads.
Two roads pull at one soul.
Shall I take the one road of ancient souls that await me?

Daring to touch my temple of beauty and wisdom
the road with pain and suffering
like the desert sun on your back.
Shall I allow the cobra to strike me with me his venom?
All for the loss of love.
the chain and shackles around my heart that weighs me down

Shall I respect myself as a renowned leader a queen of her people?
Shall I respect my own temple and break my chain and shackles?
that bound me to the hateful Anubis one who is dark
that fear and hate loom around him like the thick fog of death.
Shall I make that daring break and not forsake
my temple by allowing the god of death
to take me like he has taketh from me before time and time again.
No, I shall break my chain and
strike the serpent dead and choose to live and rule
both my temple and my people and find love again.

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