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April 10, 2017

I will carve this face into their darkest memories preyed on by the lowest of society they’re parasitic demanding your conformity pushing limits things are gonna get real ugly ripping through the last shreds of humanity

Hush now, won’t you stay awhile join me with a painted smile patience is a virtue when you're working on a masterpiece and tolerance is valued when you're working on a living canvas stitch my words into tender flesh this grin will stay forever fresh don't be lonely don’t be jealous your turn's coming how could I forget

Still awake not for long climbing through your window pane i’m creeping closer, can you hear me i’m not entirely unsympathetic so I’ll give you the count until three surely you realized there’s no way out of here alive close your eyes ‘cause it’s time for you to “go to sleep”

Foggy glimpses of the boy I used to be but now i’m who i want to be only wandering your darkest dreams time to wake up from this horrid nightmare

Hush now, honey it was just a dream don’t you cry

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