to the one i loved

April 7, 2017
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Everything you’ve ever dreamed.
That dream you had, was it six, seven years ago?
It’s so hard to remember now, you tell me,
but it was the weirdest thing.
Like, fields maybe,
Or maybe you thought it was something else.
Always at the edge of existence,
If your memory can even be called that.
And three days ago, that dream you had,
still so vivid,
clawing and tearing at your insides,
You knew it wasn’t real.
You knew it!
But for just that moment, just those seconds, it was all so real.


And now I know I will never forget the helplessness I felt,
looking down at the things on your arms.
The tears that burned your face,
the fire you said burned everything around you.
You cried when you woke up. You haven’t slept since.
Three days, and you haven’t slept.


“He burns your eyes when you look at him.
Too much emotion,
too much inconsistency for one creature.”
I reached out my hands, though.
But I couldn’t help you.
And I am nothing.
I am nothing.
I am nothing.

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Ana143 said...
May 15 at 10:07 pm
I like the in pack this poem makes... this poem hits me good. I understand this very much. Truly amazing.
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