We Fail, We Learn, We Get Back Up

April 5, 2017

There once was a girl
In a land not far
Who sang in the sunshine
And danced with the stars
Who ran through the sprinklers
And scraped her knee
Who picked through the flowers
And got stung by a bee
Who laughed at the clouds
And played in the rain
Who jumped in a puddle
And felt no pain
Who swam in the ocean
And tumbled in the waves
Who swallowed the water
And struggled to be brave
Who pedaled her bike
And fell on her face
Who got back up
And won the race
Who failed the test
And started to cry
Who studied harder
And high fived the sky
Who made a promise
And swore to keep
Who trusted the wrong people
And let it leak
Who made a mistake
And lives to say
The worst of life doesn’t have to obstruct the way
The mistakes we make are part of the ride
We must know how to suffer before we learn how to fly
And even the girl who dances in the sky
Fell out of the nest before she learned how to fly

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