To The Beautiful You

April 4, 2017

Imagine if we had the world at our fingertips
Ours to crush or nurture, the fate of the world literally in our hands
but we don’t and we’ll just have to settle for each other
So because I know you really want to, I pick out my heart and place it in your hand
believing that you will not crush it. But isn’t that what love is?
Trusting someone enough to know they won’t hurt you.
Foolishly in love, and believing you were too, I gave you my heart  and all that came with it
and you crushed it, thrusting it back in my chest, condemning me
to live with a broken heart
I try to reach out to you, and grab nothing but air-
the love you had for me isn’t there
My broken heart can't seem to take the fact that you no longer want me.
In fact I believe I am in a constant stage of denial
because I can't seem to understand that you never wanted me in the first place.
You have blinded me. Cast shadows over my eyes, and screwed my head on backwards,
and I try so hard to say that I’m okay because what can I say,
I'm used to not being wanted, but damn that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt
God does it hurt.

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