My phone

April 4, 2017
By , New york, NY

I am so thankful for my phone
I keep with me anywhere i go
I dislike when people touch my phone
In school my phone Calls my name 
But i rather write today’s Aim
My other friends think i’m lame
Cause i won’t check the text they made
But i rather focus on my goals
Then to check my phone
This shows how i am grown
And how much I care for my phone
While you’re bored i’m in my zone
That’s why i’m glad i own my phone
I was so surprised when i came home that day my mind was blown
I’m thankful that my mom bought my phone
Plus it was a iphone
That white box with the apple sign
Was something that i was trying to handle
My mind was scrambled
In one minute all my plans were cancelled

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