Always A Softball Player

April 3, 2017
By Savvvv BRONZE, Owens Cross Roads, Alabama
Savvvv BRONZE, Owens Cross Roads, Alabama
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As I step out onto the brown and green field,
My excitement levels go up to infinity and beyond,
I get a rush of adrenaline shooting through my veins like a rocket is shooting through the sky.
I stand there and imagine all of our supporters cheering us on,
I imagine the bright, yellow softball hitting the bat and flying over the fence.
I imagine the gloves hitting the ground and the softball rolling as fast as a lightning strike.
I imagine the players smirk as she steals and knows that there is no chance of her getting out.
I imagine the anger taking over the smiles and proud faces because the ump made a bad call and that girl was safe and not out.
I imagine the girl being so proud of herself for making what seems like impossible but possible play.
I imagine the smile on that girl’s face as she dives for the ball and catches it.
I imagine the yelling of the plays on the field. Three up, three down. Infield go one. Outfield go two.
I imagine getting up into the batter’s box and getting ready to hit a dinger.
I imagine everyone’s face as we win the game. We know that all of our long practices and hard conditioning paid off in the end.
I imagine the games where we lose and we know at practice we are going to have a long and hard practice.
I imagined the handshakes where you are trying not to show your emotions. Crying if you lose because you love the game so much and you feel like you let your team down. Squealing and yelling if you won that game because your adrenaline is rushing even more.
I imagine the games where you try and have good sportsmanship but your team, your sisters, know you too well to know that you are mad.
I imagine the cheers that constantly get stuck in your head. Get is started yeah!
I imagine the time where the two teams gather as one and we praise our wonderful Lord. “Our Father who in heaven, hallowed be thy name.”
I imagine the time where our team gathers and we break it down and the game is officially over.
What I can’t imagine. I can’t imagine not being able to step into the batter’s box or on the field.
I can’t imagine not hearing the good ol’ sayings.
Win as a team, lose as a team.
But you know what they say,
Once a softball player, Always a softball player.

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