Love as my Drug

March 31, 2017
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Feels like I'm flying so very high,
With more wonder and joy than the sky.
Doesn't feel like it will end soon,
For I am higher than the moon.

My emotion floods over me,
Like a storm in the sea.
Never wanting this feeling to end,
I will forever ascend.

She looks at me with eyes full of love,
More precious and pure than a dove.
I feel my heart racing faster than light,
Then it takes off to be soon out of sight.

She makes my heart beat hard like a drum,
My vision goes blurry and my hands go numb.
Explaining this feeling seems ineffective,
I try to explain and end up defective.

This emotion I feel is a mystery,
She and I have a deep history.
My feelings intense when she is near,
The emotion I feel isn't clear.

Without her I am incomplete,
With her my heart skips a beat.
Life without her seems hollow,
For she is the only one I'll forever follow.

Every night it may seem,
I hear her voice in my dream.
For my excitement to see her I must encumber,
I roll around desperate for slumber.

What is this enchanting emotion I feel,
Something I am unable to conceal.
Whatever it may be I pray it will never end,
For she will forever be my best friend.

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