A Promise to Earth

March 31, 2017
By Golden-Boy PLATINUM, Jeannette , Pennsylvania
Golden-Boy PLATINUM, Jeannette , Pennsylvania
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"Oh sacred heart of Jesus, I have full trust in thee." - my grandmother told me that.

My dear beloved earth
You provide so much
Yet for how much your worth
We’re hurting you as such

We’re forgetting your beauty
We’re more focused on our needs
Things are now gloomy
As we do dirty deeds

We’re polluting the land
Creating famines and droughts
How long will you stand
Until all is wiped out

Landscapes destroyed
Problems forming
Disasters we avoid
Like Global Warming

But don’t despair
There is still hope
Soon there will be fresh air
And everything will cope

The fields will be clear
With no signs of trash
And a clean atmosphere
With no traces of ash

No Global Warming
No more sorrow
A new world is forming
A brighter tomorrow

There will be a future
Where your clean and polish
This is not a rumor
This is mankind’s promise

The author's comments:

Earth is our only home, we must take care of her. 

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