Falling to Conclusions

March 16, 2017
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You once told me
I was the most beautiful girl in the world.
As you spoke the words
my atmosphere began to change--
the flowers became vibrant colors
of red, yellow, and orange
and the grass smelled freshly cut.
Birds chirped and the sun shone bright
like the moon on a cloudless eve.

And then I heard you tell another that she, in fact,
was the most beautiful girl in the world.
And once the words left your mouth
it felt like a knife went through my chest
and into my lungs, making it harder to take breaths
to stay.

The flowers are no longer bright shades
of red, yellow, and orange. Now, they are shades
of black.
The grass is overgrown. And the birds flew south.
It feels like winter is coming and the sun
is playing hide and seek.

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