The Artist

March 16, 2017

He walks through the doorway
to the place where he equips himself
with chisels of iron
Here he is an artist
in a studio where the floors are cracked and stained
Working on marble that fights against him; reluctant to change
yet, he continues to pursue the creation of a masterpiece.
Following the footsteps of the Austrian and Italian who began this renaissance.

Today he waltzes into the studio
where the walls emulate the stone they see,
His composers sitting in his ears, commanding him.
He studies the granite intently
knowing full well what needs to be done

He can’t will himself to pick up those unsullied chisels.
Intimidated by the jagged igneous rock,
Instead, he clasps the worn tools; dulled from overuse.
and begins to touch the marble he has worked on for ages

If Venus de Milo has no arms
his sculpture must truly be a work of art

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