March 28, 2017
By , Claremont , CA

There once was a monster named Chiwi
Who was as round as a kiwi
His whole life Chiwi longed to have the famous Candy Cane
But it was protected by the citizens of Candy Kingdom Lane
Chiwi had one problem, and it was the sun
so getting the cane would be no fun
Regardless, he made a plot
That wouldn't get him in a cell to rot
Meanwhile the villagers of Candy Kingdom Lane were very mad
There was a monster running around being bad
The villagers knew he wanted the cane
but that would make them all insane
The villagers wanted the monster gone
But they didn’t know how to catch him before dawn
Two little boys wanted to be brave
so they hiked up to the bad monster’s cave
Their feet went thump, thump against the ground
and then they heard a peculiar sound
It was a malicious roar
And it scared them to the core
One boy said, "Shh... did you hear that?"
"Yeah I did, maybe it's just a bat."
Fearfully the boys trekked on
Hoping the monster wasn’t a con
Finally the boys reached their destination
They hurriedly climbed in trying to hasten
The cave itself was bigger than Earth
it was almost the size of the monster's girth 
Out of the darkness they saw a red smolder
then something popped out from around a boulder
It had seven red eyes
and its teeth were pointier than knives,
Two little horns on the top of his head
and fuzzy purple fur that seemed to shed
The monster was very big and tall
which made them feel like dolls
He lifted his head and let out a mighty howl
then turned to the boys and started to prowl
They both yelled, “AHHH it's going to eat us, run!”
seriously hoping that they weren’t done
As the boys were running they left a pile of canes
for the monster to stay sane
The monster was a ticking time bomb
however the  canes made him calm
Chiwi was content with his pile of candy,
and he felt immensely dandy
As he ate the canes he went “chomp, chomp, chomp”.
He let out a large burp and then went stomp, stomp
Since he was no longer famished
and he didn't want to get banished
Chiwi decided not to steal the famous Candy Cane
so that he wouldn’t be to blame
He never bothered the villagers again much to their delight
but he still roamed around every night
The spirit of Chiwi is still there
Even though he was a real bear
There once was a monster named Chiwi
Who was as round as a kiwi.

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