I Won't Ever Forget

March 28, 2017
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In grade 11, aged 17

A dirty blonde, blue eyed

Worn out band tee wearing heart throb

Walked through the doors of Bartlett High school of Memphis, Tennessee

And still to this day I think of you.

I won’t ever forget.

Your mind was bruised and cut up;

Your mind was used like a cup;

With parents that picked you up and put you down

But once you hit the ground you fell so hard you shattered,

You finally shattered.

I still play our song, I still think of you everytime it comes on.

My favorite car rides were with you and Steve,

We would listen to music and drive through the city.

Every time you were around no one could frown.

I still think of you.

“Wonderfully awkward.”

“He was so sweet.”

I still think of you.

The day my friend called,

The day that lives with me.

I won’t ever forget it.

The day you shattered on impact.

When you said it was enough,

When you were no longer tough,

When you wanted to give up and you got what you wanted.

And I won’t ever forget the name that crosses my mind

Every time our song plays.

Jim Beers.

Your parents blamed your friends

But it was all on them.

You were laid to rest on anonymous grounds.

Your parents didn’t let your friends say goodbye.

So much anger festered inside no one could cry

They just wanted one last chance

They just wanted another smile

Another joke,

another minute on the clock.

That rodents chewed through the wires

until it was broken beyond repair

and ticked it’s last toc.

Those rodents were your parents and that clock was you.

Jim Beers, I won’t ever forget.

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