Loving Love

March 24, 2017
By , Royal Oak, MI

I love love,

Love from my grandma and mom.
Love from my grandpa and dad.
Love from my brother.

I love music,
Music of love and of joy.
That makes my heart dance,
And touches me deeply.

I love friends,
Friends that laugh and love.
Who are always there,
Friends who love me for me.

I love sunshine,
Shining rays of joy and warmth.
With a breeze to accompany it,
And free my mind.

I love work,
To show me the importance in life.
Work that presents love in a new way.
Work that teaches to love all.

I love stories,
Stories to show me past and give me future.
Stories full of love that whisks me away.
Stories of joy and sorrow, but strength and truth.

I love dreams,
That are filled with future and hope,
And can grow like a seed in the ground.
That create stories and memories for the past.

I love love,
Love full of past and future.
Love full of family and friends.
Love full of nature and joy.
Love full of stories and dreams.
Love that creates the meaning of life.

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