Seized Visions

March 24, 2017
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Captured moments of glistening beauty.
Wondering wildlife pursuing dreams of becoming the next king.
I venture out to different locations, constantly searching for the correct light.
I find myself free in my own aesthetic as the camera becomes steady. The earth stills as the
wind gently whisps past me, whispering secrets in my ear.

It becomes clear that I am one with the Earth beneath my feet each time I peer through the lense. Thousands of crisp, green leaves being hoisted up on distorted branches.
Animals at rest and some at play in their
Natural habitats…

...But this seems to be nearly yesterday, you see?
These are encapsulated pieces of a time once before. Once before the greedy, careless beasts came along. Now, now you can hardly gain one clear and fresh breath.
Each day, these beasts disfigure this beautiful world.
Global warming and extinction are side by side nightmares that one can never escape.

In your world, these re-occurring nightmares can be woken up from.
You take these problems and set them aside for the next innocent bystander to deal with.
Preserving these memories is all I can do. I guard them from
the pestering and cursed thieves. These thieves
are the individuals we dare to call

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