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March 24, 2017
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Quinoa boils.
I slice avocado.
The cauliflower with
sriracha sears.
My condensing cup,
fills with green tea.

Time to venture out to eat.
Scouring the menu for
no egg, dairy or meat.
What will I eat?
“No sir, fish are animals.”
I’ll get full with fries and fruit.

What? No meat?
“I refuse to eat these beets.”
Animals have nothing to say.
“We need our protein,
there isn’t another way.”
“There’s protein in the entree.”

Taking an animal life
as if it’s no big deal.
But, we all can feel.
I can’t eat food with bones,
for they have lived and grown,
without the right to be left alone.

Compassion, key
to saving those in need.
Seed bearing plants
enough to be our food.
To think it can’t,
completely rude.

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