Making Memories

March 24, 2017
By 8whelan GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
8whelan GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Four years old: in the beginning,
I learn from Mom, the most insightful woman.

With flour on the floor, empty eggshells and sugar coated counters,
we start batches multiple times over.

Filling the kitchen with love and lingering laughs,
Mom and I bond becoming baking masters.

With fudge brownies, pies and cupcakes in a toppling tower, we
stuff brother and sister’s bellies like Santa Claus' on Christmas.

Fun, family and food bring us together,
making memories to last a lifetime.

Sixteen-years-old: I still feel like I am four, as I love, listen and
learn from Mom, the most insightful woman.

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