March 23, 2017

as we travel on this endless mountain, covered in a white blanket
that keeps the peaks just as warm as a mother’s touch, I begin
to take notice of the smallest things in this massive world.
most notice but never appreciate.

I look back at the past four years as tunes pass through my head like
a car going under a bridge and magnifying the sound for a quick second.
some moments stick out as if they were highlighted for a test and some
they are just there, among the others, where they will slowly disappear.

we never realize how many people pass through our lives and impact
them just by the simplest of acts, from holding a door to helping
one another on hard homework problems. Today I realized
that this class of people I have spent the last four
years with are going to slowly disperse to their individual lives
beyond these solid brick walls holding us in from our freedom.
these friends that we have at this moment will always be there,
but they will become someone different, someone you did not know
as time goes by and you become a person you did not know either.

I begin to turn around on this twisty mountain road, and notice
that i am not that same person I was three years ago because I have
finally realized that high school was not all about getting good grades
and passing, it is about making friends and bonds with people that you
would remember for years. Some people just pop out of nowhere like a
sudden rain shower, there for you like no one else ever has.

coming to the end of the road my passengers awake and just grasp the fact that
we are just teenagers drifting through the time we have
together until we all forget each other.

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