March 22, 2017
By samantharossell BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
samantharossell BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
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She wrapped a wreath of flowers around her head,
and said that she was springtime.
Her eyes reminded you of the aftermath of a storm,
They left destruction and desire in their wake.
Her hair always smelt of lilac and something you’d lost a long time ago.
She could be something new.

She was born from sea foam.
With blue eyes so piercing,
you thought they could swallow you whole.
She saw the world in shades of red,
each hue offering a new definition of sincerity.
She could be something bright.

She sang like wind flowing through tree branches,
each breath she took was as breezy as the autumn air.
She fell in love with the forest,
and the way animals moved so swiftly through it,
something about it made her feel secure.
She could be something courageous.

She knew something you didn’t,
and held your dreams at her fingertips.
You only had to take one glance at her,
to know she was destined for greatness.
She kept lust and wonder in her pockets,
because one day she’d need it.
She could be your aspirations.

She was a contradiction,
darkness and light all at the same time.
She held the world on her shoulders,
a burden that was never hers to bear
and no matter how hard she tried,
She couldn’t be your savior.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by Greek mythology to write this piece

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