Winter's Symphony

March 21, 2017
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Deep in the woods,

lost in the snow,

natures alluring song secretly plays.

Sweeping winds conduct the unique orchestra,

changing the tempo with each breathtaking gust,

falling hastily andante.

Booming basses vigorously stroke,

as roaring trombones brilliantly blast,

and thunderous tymphonies powerfully roll.

Spontaneously gentle flurries 

become a winter blizzard.

Each furious note crashes together 

and snowballs into a perfectly chaotic phrase.

It seeps through scarf's wool strands,

stinging exposed skin,

making it tender to touch..

creating an oddly satisfying sensation. 


An hour goes by,

the storm has passed.

New mellow tones whirl through overgrown pines,

as if apologizing to all inhabitants,

creating a lovely melody in the wilderness. 

Animals sneak out from hiding, 

Vivid violins briskly pluck,

as charming clarinets serenely blow,

and delightful flutes cheerfully pipe.

The surrounding world has woken

and beautifully smiles,

while warming frosty cheeks,

changing pale to rose.

My footsteps grow closer to the edge of secluded tree line

and flirtatious air beings to stir again. 

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