The Truth of Love

March 22, 2017
Love is love.
Nothing can ever change that.
Not you, nor myself.
Nothing in existence.
Nothing that is to be invented.
Not a human, nor a god.
Not religion, not culture.

No thing, nor idea.
No person, nor goddess.
Nothing can trump this; the only true strength of a human.
Nothing can overpower love.

Let them attack with words, for those have no effect over the strength we have.
Love, affection, attraction, it is strong
Stronger than all.

We will no longer hide in the cavern; but we do not want only a tavern.
We want only equality forevermore; yet we are thrown about like the rotten apple core.
We simply want equality; rights for ourselves.

That is it; that is for you to call
Never stop, never drop; never give up.
For love is love, and love is for all.

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