New Pages

March 17, 2017

Beautiful flowers blooming in the sun
Growing stronger and getting brighter
Feeding off the rays
But eventually the sun has to go down
Pedals begin to wilt along with the roots 
Love is an unimaginable feeling 
Swarms of butterflies fluttering around your stomach
Memories that can't be replaced 
Growing and adding to each page of the book labeled 
                                         ... Life …
Over the months the paper gets fragile
Little tears getting taped back together with 
"I'm sorry" and "I'll change"
Just a handful of pages left and very little tape
Is it worth it to buy more?
Even with more tape the pages continue to rip
This time in new places
New memories fading away into the sheets
Causing frustration and more tearing
This time, bigger and harder to repair
What seems to be a novel, has finally come to an end
Closing that late page 
Leaving an uneasy feeling of when a sequel will be made will be made
Not bothering to look for another because, 
                             nothing compares to the one that started it all
Holding onto hope that maybe more pages will appear
That the journey will continue
But months pass and nothing, not even an advertisement
The hunger for that thrill grows inside you
So you make that courageous decision to take a step forward
Crossing the line into the bookstore
Surrounding yourself with fresh and new pages
Books you aren't quite used too... 
           but after reading a few titles...
                     the back seems worth reading as well...
Flipping through a few times to get idea as to what it's about
Coming back to read a chapter or two
Thinking less and less about the one before
Growing a new interest and starting a new journey
Maybe it's okay to move on
Not forgetting but just adding on, this time with a twist. 
Finding yourself sitting under a tree, soaking up the sun 
The book on one side and blooming flowers on the other

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