The Serpent

March 15, 2017
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A terrifying, twisting, howling serpent approaches

Interrupting our routines, demanding we take notice

It is a curling force which bites sharply, and kills ferocious


From the back of sunshine, this is a monster emerging from its lair

Mocking, with devastation, our flimsy shelters and efforts to defend

Leaving the poor and innocent in despair


With every venomous strike, follows ruin and blight

This malicious coil is no passing storm

It is a conquering force too strong to resist.


Now we roam, like zombies, down filthy and abandoned streets

Searching for fragments to reconstruct our erased pasts

Helplessness  is my inescapable destiny – a pattern that repeats


Because the sad truth is this creature offers release

After all, what point is there to plan or dream

We can save our strength and resign to peace


Reconciled that we are powerless to troubles that await,

Reassured that, after fear, comes more fear.

Grateful for reassurance we can do nothing to change our fate.

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