March 15, 2017
By Abnormal.c BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Abnormal.c BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Brothers not around 
Neither is his mother
I’m his only sister
He’s not my only brother

Afraid he’s gonna end up like the other
Sittin in the prison like a foster brother
He’s risen and fulfilled to the top
But he’s never killed and won't stop

Stop the pain or
Hide the shame that he
He put on my father’s name

It’s been 12 years
He took the blame
And I’ve always feared
He lost his last name

For those who choose his fate
I’m afraid it might be too late
Fathers reading the scripture
Afraid to show the picture

So because brothers not around 
And neither is his mother
I have to be his only sister
He’s not my only brother

The author's comments:

This piece is for my brother. 

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