No Name

March 21, 2017
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No, I am nameless,

No, I have no identity,

No, I have no character,

Yes, I am invisible,

Yes, I am nameless as the passing rush of the cars,

Yes, I wish to be seen,

Yes, I wish to be full of life,

I am Erida, Goddess of Hate, Invisibility and Loneliness,

I embody all of those who are blindly pushed aside,

Those who have been bullied,



I am all your worst enemies,


Lost friends,

My friends, the Arai,

They  are your curses,

They bind you with their eyes,

and their whips clean out the truth,

My river,

The Cocytus, fed by tears, will wash away your happiness, and lies,

and those that were once invisible will be laid naked for all to see.

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