Never Ending

March 21, 2017

There’s so much death around me
I take one step into this big world
And there goes my Grandfather
Not knowing who he really was
Except that I was his Little General

I then go on with my life like nothing ever happened
And next thing I knew I’ve walked 5 miles
And there goes my Grandmother
Not knowing much about her
But knowing enough to care
Especially for her world famous Pound Cakes

I then go on with my life
With a little bit of sadness showing
Here and there

I start walking again and I’ve walked 10 miles
And there goes my Mom
Knowing exactly who she really was
Primarily by her big heart of love for me

I start walking again
Not worrying about how far I’ve walked
I don’t know how to go on
Without my treasured loved ones beside me

I have to go on
Mile after mile on this long journey of life
But right now I’m just waiting
For another one to come by
And say…...Bye

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