Dear Enemy,

March 15, 2017
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Dear enemy,
I hate you, simply stated. But you will never know that.
I’m keeping this letter safe in the confines that is my locked jewelry box.
But I hate you and I’ve never told you, or anyone, that.

If it were to get out, the school would be in chaos.
But really, I hate you.
I hate how loud you are, I hate how little you care about others,
And most of all, I hate how you look.

How can someone wake up in the morning and think “I really like how this looks!”
I just don’t get it.
Full of annoyance, much too colorful, and sometimes, terribly smelly.
You’re always look over my shoulder everywhere I go.

But I can’t get rid of you because I need you.
You keep my life together much better than I could alone.
After all, you’re better than I am.
But then again, you’re just my backpack.

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