Dull and Drained

March 15, 2017
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I have been wondering my whole life,

Wondering why one size fits all

Doesn’t fit me.

Wondering why the other girls didn’t want to be friends with me,

Why I was called weird

Why people gave me glances out of the sides of their eyes.

I tried to blend,

To dull my vibrant color.

I tried to scrape the diamonds off my skin,

So that I would not stick out.

After years of trying,

There was not enough bleach to drain my color,

No knife was strong enough to cut the diamond.

I sat and cried, pleaded for normality,

However it was not provided.

So I am stuck with me,

But maybe I am not,

Maybe it is others who have made me feel stuck.

Now I can see that I have been blessed,

Blessed with a personality that sticks out,

With colors that shine in a sea of white.

There is no one else i would rather be,

I have fallen in love with the rainbow,

That is me.

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