The Prognosis

March 14, 2017

What happened, they ask
Damn, if only I knew, I think to myself.
If only I knew I didn't have to suffer in silence,
If only I knew I wasn't alone.
But, I didn't know and that's okay.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they say
I suppose, but what's to say that it didn't?
You strive for someone you once were
For someone you thought you once were.
But when you pass that stage,
you blossom into someone unrecognizable.
You're no longer weak, frail, hopeless-
You're strong, you're independent
And most importantly,
you become an advocate- for yourself and others.
The prognosis is no longer failure, but rather,
So damn right, you better stand up
You've overcome the greatest fear out there-
Your own mind.

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